Online access to your medical record

Online access to your medical record

From the 1st November, Dr Mirza and Partners will be extending our offering of online access to include prospective data access from this date onwards. This will mean patients will be able to view all of their consultation notes, test results from this date onwards.

Being able to see your record online may help you to manage your medical conditions and gives you more control over your own healthcare. If you decide not to join, or wish to withdraw, this is your choice and our practice staff will continue to treat you in the same way as before.

While enabling patients to view their medical records through the NHS App will be beneficial to most patients, there may be challenges for a minority.

This is especially true in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults, as the record may contain information that is confidential and sensitive, which the patient must not see, or could be harmful if the patient is unable to keep their record secure, such as in cases of coercion.

When registering for online services you will be given login details, so you will need to think of a password which is unique to you. This will ensure that only you are able to access your record – unless you choose to share your details with a family member or carer.

Please note, it will be your responsibility to keep your login details and password safe and secure. If you know or suspect that your record has been accessed by someone that you have not agreed should see it, then you should change your password immediately.

If you can’t do this for some reason, we recommend that you contact the practice so that we can remove online access until you are able to reset your password.

There are some things to consider before making your application for Online Access

Although the following may not be applicable to you, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the following before you are given login details.

Forgotten history

There may be something you have forgotten about in your record that you might find upsetting.

Abnormal results or bad news

If we have given you access to test results or letters, you may see something that you find upsetting to you. This may occur before you have spoken to your doctor or while the surgery is closed and you cannot contact us.

Choosing to share your information with someone

It’s up to you whether or not you share your information with others – perhaps family members or carers. It’s your choice, but also your responsibility to keep the information safe and secure.


If you think you may be pressured into revealing details from your patient record to someone else against your will, it is best that you do not register for access at this time.

Misunderstood information

Your medical record is designed to be used by clinical professionals to ensure that you receive the best possible care. Some of the information within your medical record may be highly technical, written by specialists and not easily understood. If you require further clarification, please contact the surgery for a clearer explanation.

Information about someone else

If you spot something in the record that is not about you or notice any other errors, please log out of the system immediately and contact the practice as soon as possible.

Removal or redaction/partial access of Online Access to records

There are certain circumstances in which full access to a patient’s health record may be denied. These include cases where the release is likely to cause serious harm to the physical or mental health of the subject or another individual. The practice reserves the right to remove access or limit information from their online records service to any patient who we believe may suffer harm from having automatic access to their online patient records. This includes, but is not exclusive to, the following:

  • Patients we have significant safeguarding concerns about or who could be subject to coercion due to their health or any other vulnerable status.
  • Patients who have significant amounts of third-party information in their notes relating to other family members.
  • Patients who are known to suffer from health-related anxiety or any other significant mental health concerns or issues and who may suffer as a result of having online open access to their records.
  • Patient who lack capacity and are unable to understand how to keep their data safe. Proxy access may be allowed in these circumstances to official guardians.
  • Patients who have had a recent diagnosis which has not yet been explained to them in detail by either the consultant to a GP.

If your access to your medical records has been revoked but you believe you should be able to view them, please speak to reception who will give you an application form to complete. Once returned this will be carefully considered by senior practice staff and you will be informed of the decision.

Further information

If you would like to sign up for Online Access to your medical record, please ask one of our receptionists to provide you with an information pack.

The practice has the right to remove online access to services for anyone who doesn’t use them responsibly.